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     Parking Sensors from £140  fitted
    + Three Year Warranty Provided
     All sensors can be colour coded to match the paintwork. 
    Vehicle Parking Sensors
    Having parking sensors installed is a cost effective way of preventing accidents and damage to your vehicle. Covics Ltd are able to supply and fit Vehicle Parking Sensors onto just about any vehicle. The sensors that we use are very reliable and come with a 3 year warranty. 
    + Rear Sensors

    The most popular choice is to have rear parking sensors, these come in two, three or four sensor kits with an audible warning.  It is also possible to have a small display mounted, either on the dash-board or rear head-lining, giving an indication of distance to an obstacle.

    + How parking sensors work
    An audible warning confirms the system is operational when reverse gear is selected.  The sensors will not emit any sound until an object comes within it's range.   As the vehicle manouvres closer to an object, the tones become more frequent until a constant tone is produced at approximately 30 cm, giving the driver enough time to brake and avoid a collision. 
    + Front Sensors
    Front sensors are activated when the ignition has been switched on, and the warning tones are similar to those when reversing.  A dash mounted switch can be used to turn the system off manually at any time.  These sensors also come in two and four sensor kits, and are installed equally spaced across the front bumper. 
    Also, as with rears, a visual display can be installed on top of the dash, giving an indication of distance from an obstacle. 

    • Other kits available are front and rear combined kits with a display, or rear sensor kits with a camera and a screen.
    • Wireless kits are available for large vans or lorries.
    • All of the kits we install feature a diagnostic mode which allows the installer to programme out any features such as towbars, spare wheels or low bumpers, so that false alarms do not occur.
    • All our sensor kits can be colour coded to match the vehicle's bumpers.  

    As congestion builds, parking has become more difficult and manoeuvring into a tight space is often hazardous.  Drivers also face problems such as condensation and fog which all reduce visibility dramatically.  The same applies at night when conventional street lighting is not always adequate.  In addition to this, the modern design of today's vehicles can make it very difficult to judge how close you are to an object. 
    An increasing number of new vehicles are now being fitted with parking sensors so that car owners can purchase a quality product which will protect their investment at a relatively low cost. 



    1. Protect yourself against low objects such as walls and bollards.

    2. Painted bumpers can be expensive to repair, one small scratch can cost more than a set of parking sensors.

    3. Vision can be restricted due to the design of modern vehicles.

    4. Avoid damage to your vehicle and other vehicles whilst parking.

    5. Ideal for those who have difficulty looking backwards whilst reversing.


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