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    We Welcome:
    + PARROT CK3100 LCD 
    Bluetooth hands free car kit with LCD display. 
    + PARROT CK3200 LS
    Bluetooth hands free car kit with a Colour LCD
    A full system with Color Screen. Made for iPod and works with iPhone.

    +  Hand-Held Mobile Phones and Driving

    It has been illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving since December 2003. Breaking this law, even if otherwise driving safely, can lead to a £60 fine and three penalty points. At Covics Ltd we are able to supply and fit a hands-free kit solution into just about any vehicle.   
    + Bluetooth Kits
    The most popular kits that we fit at Covics are are the Parrot, Bury and Nevero Bluetooth kits which integrate into the vehicle stereo system allowing you to have hands-free talking in the car. 
    + Different Models

    There are various models of Bluetooth kits available, from basic handsfree, up to full ipod/iphone compatible kits which will act as a full ipod integration system allowing your music to be played through the vehicle speakers.

    + Fixed Hands-free Kits

    Similar to the Bluetooth kit, but this system holds your phone in place while recharging the battery. Provides hands-free with a separate microphone and speaker with excellent two-way (duplex) voice quality. The kits are installed using specific dash mount brackets made for each vehicle.    

    Bluetooth car kits are very discreet and fit seamlessly into your car. If you change your mobile phone often and do not want to keep changing your car kit then this is your best option. 
    To make or answer a call on a Bluetooth car kit, the driver uses either voice commands or the device interface. Voice communication takes place over the speakers in the car’s stereo system . The driver can make and accept calls on a Bluetooth car kit without ever touching the mobile phone, complying with legislation and making driving and talking more convenient.

    Bluetooth car kits can be fully fitted professionally into your car by Covics Ltd. We offer a mobile installation service and can come to either your home or work address.  We also have full workshop facilities, so if it is more convenient you can come to us.
    Bluetooth car kit options
    There is a wide range of models to choose from depending on your needs and budget.  The most popular Parrot kits are as follows:
    Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Car Kit
    The Parrot CK3100 is the most advanced hands-free car kit on the market. With the Parrot CK3100, you will be able to place and receive calls in comfort and safety, without ever touching your mobile phone.
    Parrot CK3200 LS-Color Bluetooth Car Kit
    The Parrot CK3200 LS-COLOR Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit is the first Bluetooth Car Kit with a colour display.
    Select one of the hi-fi ringtones and colour wallpapers available to personalise your Parrot CK3200 LS-COLOR Car Kit. If photos are stored with your phone contacts, they can also be displayed on the screen.

    Your contacts are stored in the memory of the Parrot CK3200 LS-COLOR. The voice recognition feature enables numbers to be dialled automatically by stating the contact’s name: e.g. "Call John".
    Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Car Kit
    The Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit combines the latest communication technologies with a full set of services dedicated to music. Once paired with your Bluetooth mobile phone, the Parrot MKi9200 enables you to establish in a few seconds any phone conversations in your vehicle without needing to handle the telephone, even leaving it in your pocket. Connection with your mobile is made in a completely transparent way.

    The user-independent voice recognition and voice synthesis is integrated in the Parrot MKi9200 car kit, which dramatically eases the way of using it in every situation. And all the connectors for any type of music are provided with the Parrot MKi9200 Hands-free Kit: iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players, MiniDisc.

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